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Nordic Light


Nordic Light is a Norwegian aid organization, with the aim to help less privileged children and youth in Thailand to achieve higher education. Nordic Light does fundraising, locates sponsors and find good projects to support.

Please contact Nordic Light for more information, if you are interested to support Nordic Light’s work, or if you need advise on finding projects to support.

Knowledge makes a difference

Thailand with it's current population of 69 million people, has seen rapid social changes and development the past four decades. However huge disparities remain. Particularly for the very poor, those living in rural areas, children of ethnic minorities and migrants. Many of these are living in poverty or in such remote areas and are not provided with the access to education. Some children need to live in dormitories away from their homes to be able to go to school. After six years of compulsory education, by the age of twelve, many children do not have the financial means to attend further education. This is where Nordic Light wants to help!


Kids Action for Kids

Kids Action for Kids (KAFK) is an organization founded in Norway by The Brekke/Reggestad Family living in Thailand and by family in Norway. We work to help less fortunate children with facial deformities, cleft lips and cleft palates.

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